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CH Samson comes from the top Italian bloodlines: Argo di Ponzano, Giachetella, Scanziani, Allocca, Zaccaro Oliviero & Don Paolino (the bloodline begins from the very first ancenstors of this breed.

CH SAMSON was twice a grandson of Venafro di Ardea - Champion: Belgium, Italy, Russia, International, World (twice), Winner of Trofeo Mario Querci (specialty for the breed), Best-In-Show of all FCI breeds (twice), 9 wins in group. 

Samson`s pedigree

CH Samson was healthy, strong and well put together dog, unique in many way. 
akc breeder of merit
Wild Child
Neapolitan Mastiff

Best-in-Show winner

CH Samson
CH Samson - USNMC (AKC) Award 2008:
Venerable (the dog who lived 7+  years);
TOP Stud dog
(for the most number of his offsprings accomplished AKC Champion titles in 2008), shared AWARD with his grandson
Wild Child Sunkissed Walker

CH Samson was one of the largest and heaviest Mastino 100+ kg (220+ lbs) at good healthy shape.
CH Samson has proven himself as an excellent reproducer. His daughter AKC CH Wild Child Accapulca was the first Neapolitan Mastiff placed 1st in the AKC working group Bred-By-Exhibitor. She and AKC Ch Wild Child Alaska were number 1 and # 2 females on the TOP 25 Eukanuba breed points count in 2008, his grand, great grand and great great grand children keep on winning and complete the titles.

Please visit our Hall of Fame page for more info.
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CH Samson - Champion, Best-in-Show Winner
over all FCI dog breeds (CH Samson was 2,2 years old and it was his third dog show when he hit Best-in-Show win!

He was the ONLY Neapolitan Mastiff in USA as the Winner of the Best-in-Show over all breeds back then. He was true to the breed! It has been a decade over since and still no neos like him to be found around.
CH Samson was absolutely unique,
powerful, strong, the most athletic Neapolitan mastiff of his weight and size, magnificent regal dog and is our kennel`s foundation stud male.

We are proud to have him for a moment of time and know
What a REAL Mastino Napoletano is!